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Facts You Should Know before Hiring a Live-In Companion in Duncan, BC

Unique Offers Live-In Companionship for $3,900/$5,400 a Month

Unique Home Health Care is the only home care agency in British Columbia offering a monthly live-in companionship service. All home care agencies offer live-in “care” but not monthly live-in “companionship.” The reason is simple – the profit margin is too low for monthly live-in companionship. Agencies will provide hourly companionship but if the need is for live-in on a monthly basis, there is no monthly rate. The agency will steer the client towards daily live-in care where the profit is substantial. The rate of daily live-in care is $350 to $500 per day.

There are live-in companion “broker” agencies that bring in foreign workers for a fee to the client, which includes brokerage and air fare charges. Once the fee has been paid by the client, the broker agency no longer bears any responsibilities or is accountable for the companion. The client is now legally the live-in companion’s “employer” and as such is completely responsible for Workers Compensation (WCB) dues, liability insurance, holiday pay, etc., as well as appropriate time and days off. You are also responsible for providing backup for illness, days off and holiday coverage. If the live-in companion doesn’t work out or chooses to leave their employment, the client has no legal recourse or action against the broker agency for compensation or a replacement.

If you should choose to hire a live-in companion in Duncan, BC not through an agency under the B.C. Labour Code, you are considered the “employer” and are, therefore, responsible for WCB dues, holiday pay, etc., as well as time and days off. If you do not act accordingly, legal action can be taken. Under-the-table employment is illegal in British Columbia.

By hiring Unique Home Health Care the client is assured the live-in companions meet the high standards of Unique and as the employer, provides all the necessary coverage for both the client and the employee. All illness, days off and holidays are covered by Unique.

Live-In Companion versus Facility Placement

Live-in companionship in Duncan, BC, Cowichan Valley, and surrounding area is a viable alternative to facility placement and generally is more reasonable cost wise. Private facilities can easily cost up to $7,000 per month. Government subsidised facilities can be costly too. Unique Home Health Care offers live-in companionship for as little as $3,900 a month.

Private facilities are all about “show” but not “care.” When placed, the client, of course, has to follow the rules of the home. There is very little mental and physical stimulation. Outings have to be arranged by family and friends. Meals and bedtime are set. There is little or no flexibility. Private facilities do not have to be inspected or certified by the health authority if kept under nine occupants.

If the client deteriorates, either mentally or physically, to the point of being disruptive or needing personal care, the private home will not provide personal care. The family is then faced with hiring an agency to come in and provide the necessary care, or the facility will tell the family to find alternative accommodation. Generally the latter happens as all seniors eventually mentally or physically deteriorate. Unfortunately by that time, the client’s home has been sold, and the family is left with no accommodation other than with a family member.

The only alternative left is a public facility, for which the wait list is generally 18 months to 2 years. Unfortunately in Canada, public facilities are no more than “warehouses” for seniors where they are simply processed and drugged daily. These facilities shamefully strip individuality with medication. Life expectancy greatly decreases once a senior leaves their own home.

World-wide statistics encourage seniors staying in their homes for as long as possible. They live happy, longer lives and take less medication. If at all possible remaining at home should always be the priority choice.

When a family starts to get concerned about a loved one’s ability to live alone, the first alternative should be a live-in companion.

When Is It Time to Consider a Live-In Companion?

  • Forgetting to take their medications (number-one reason the elderly end up in hospital emergency) 
  • Forgetting appointments and events
  • Leaving stove elements and appliances on
  • Not eating properly
  • Not changing clothes
  • Deteriorating personal hygiene
  • Homemaking deteriorating
  • Sleeping a lot
  • Loss of driver’s licence
  • Loss of family and friends interaction
  • Loss of mental and physical stimulation
  • Lack of interpersonal communication (phone calls, etc.)
  • Family overall concern for personal safety
  • Potential for falls increasing
  • Mobility issues
  • Overnight safety concerns
  • Overall safety and well-being concerns
  • Increase in short-term memory loss
  • Increase in confusion and anxiety

Services Provided with Live-In Companionship

  • Medication reminder and administration
  • Appointment and events reminding
  • Meal preparation
  • Overnight presence
  • Grocery purchasing
  • Housekeeping
  • Bathing reminding
  • Being at close range during shower or bath
  • Pet care
  • Mobility assistance
  • Driving to and from all appointments and events
  • Outings
  • Stimulating conversations
  • Encouraging mental and physical stimulation
  • Encouraging family and friends for coffee/tea
  • Social outings
  • Calling 911 for any emergency
  • Accompanying and staying with client at all times in admitting and staying in emergency 
  • Staying with client and providing companionship during a hospital stay 
  • Keeping family regularly updated
  • Notifying family of any emergency
  • Addressing overall safety and well-being concerns

Rates and Coverage

Unique Home Health Care provides two consistent live-in companions. The client has the same two companions on an on-going basis. Each companion alternates weekly, allowing for full 7-days-a-week coverage. Two companions also provides for sick time and vacation coverage.

Coverage for a twenty-hour shift, allowing for a four-hour break during the day, is $130 per 20 hour shift or $3,900 per 30-day month.

Coverage for a twenty-four hour shift is $180 per 24-hour shift or $5,400 per 30-day month.

Safety and Peace of Mind

Unique Home Health Care’s live-in companion service offers the family and concerned friends the assurance their loved one has a capable and caring companion with a “watch-full eye.”

This wonderful service is a caring, compassionate alternative to a facility or institutional placement.

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